Ductless HVAC Systems in Belmont and Gastonia, NC

Ductless AC Installation & Repair Services

Often referred to as a mini-split system by HVAC professionals, a ductless AC system offers numerous potential applications in residential and commercial spaces. In most cases, service technicians install ductless systems in rooms or small apartments when adding or expanding ductwork for a central cooling system isn’t feasible. If your property only needs a small system to cool it, consider installing a mini-split AC in your home or office.

Much like a conventional central HVAC system, a mini-split system has two main components, including the indoor air-handling unit and the outdoor compressor. At Steve Davis Heating & Air Conditioning, our team of service technicians has been trained to work with both of these components, whether it involves installation, repair or routine maintenance. When you need a reliable HVAC contractor, you can count on our four-plus decades of experience.

We Can Install or Repair Your Trane Ductless AC Mini Split

If you’re in need of a mini-split system repair, you can rely on Steve Davis Heating & Air Conditioning to complete it with a high level of technical proficiency. If you’re thinking about installing a mini-split AC in your home or office, consider these benefits of doing so.

  • Fast and simple installation. It can take weeks to install a central HVAC system in your property if it doesn’t already have ductwork in it. Depending on how many units you install in your home or office, a mini-split system can be fully operational in no more than a day.
  • More temperature control. A central HVAC system moves air throughout ductwork before it enters your home or office space. On the other hand, a mini-split system delivers the air directly, improving temperature control and making it a much more cost-effective alternative than a window unit.
  • Increased efficiency. Since they’re smaller and move air directly into a home or office space, mini-split systems offer more efficiency than central HVAC systems.
  • Improved indoor air quality. If you own a central HVAC system, you have to invest in routine duct cleaning to ensure your indoor air quality doesn’t deteriorate. Since a mini-split system doesn’t include any ductwork, you don’t have to worry about this extra task and expense. Additionally, mini-split systems also include multi-stage filtration, which reduces the amount of dirt and dust in your home or office.
  • Greater cost savings. At the end of the day, the biggest benefit of investing in a mini-split system is the return you’ll receive on your investment. Since it’s smaller, offers more temperature control and wastes less energy to operate, a mini-split system costs less than a conventional central heating and cooling system.

Ductless & HVAC Zoning

One of the primary advantages of installing ductless system is that it allows for HVAC zoning. These are four major benefits of having a zoned AC and heating system:

  • Lower energy bills and higher system efficiency
  • Increased comfort from room to room
  • Longer system lifespan
  • No more hot and cold spots

We Provide Ductless Service to These Areas in North Carolina

We Provide Ductless Service to These Areas in North Carolina

Although Steve Davis Heating & Air Conditioning is based in Belmont and Gastonia, NC, we also offer our residential and commercial Ductless service to these areas in North Carolina:

  • Belmont
  • Charlotte
  • Gastonia
  • Lowell
  • Mount Holly

Every home and office has varying cooling needs. At Steve Davis Heating & Air Conditioning, our team knows how to examine your cooling environment to determine if installing a mini-split system in it would benefit you. If you’re interested in more information about this advanced HVAC technology, or if you already own a mini-split AC and need it repaired, contact us at (704) 810-0773.