Indoor Air Quality Products & Services You Can Count On

Be On Top of Your Indoor Air Quality in Belmont and Gastonia, NC

At Steve Davis Heating & Air Conditioning, we’re not just concerned with the levels of airflow throughout your home and the indoor temperature, we also care about your air quality. While many homeowners are concerned about the pollution outside, the air in your home could be thick with dust and pollen particles as well. Our service technicians are able to find the source behind poor indoor air quality to help you breathe freely again.

Evaluating Your Indoor Air Quality

You may not realize it, but your body reacts to problems within your home. Do you find that your allergies are just as bad inside as outside? Do you feel better when you’re at the office than in your bedroom? If you’re sneezing often or feeling more tired than usual, it’s possible that the air in your home is taking its toll on your health. Even worse, leaks in your HVAC system or humid conditions throughout your living area can cause mold growth, which can be toxic.

Our team of service technicians knows exactly where to look when evaluating potential causes of humidity and water. We also run through a checklist to evaluate the pollution levels in your home and possible causes of dust and pollen. Not only will you feel more comfortable, but you will also have a plan for better breathing long after we’ve left.

Installing Preventive Air Purifiers

Even the cleanest homes may require additional products to keep your home clear of pollen and pollution. We offer a variety of air purifiers and filters to improve your air and target specific issues within your home. Allergy sufferers might invest in a better air filter that catches more pollen and prevents dust circulation. This is just one way to reduce the number of pollutants in your air so you can breathe better.

Removing Unseen Toxins from Your Home

Removing Unseen Toxins from Your Home

Even if you’re able to catch pollen and dust throughout your home, there could be unseen chemicals harming your body. Our air quality products include devices like carbon monitors and other devices to track the overall quality of the air. When something is wrong with the air in your home, these devices will let you know when you need to get out, or stop the pollution at its source.

Your home is supposed to be a comfortable place to rest. If you’re struggling to breathe because of mold or allergies, call Steve Davis Heating & Air Conditioning today at (704) 810-0773 and we’ll create a plan to improve the air in your home. Although Steve Davis Heating & Air Conditioning is based in Belmont, we also service in Charlotte, Gastonia, Lowell, and Mount Holly.